Skirting around the Burren

Sipping a Guinness sitting at a limestone pavement table, Cassidy’s Bar, Carron

To whet your appetite for the 2020 reunion, read this fine article from Paul Loughnane in the UK:

Philippa and I decided to celebrate ten years of cycling adventures by travelling this time from the northern tip of Ireland, Malin Head, to the southern tip, Mizen Head. We could not do this without skirting the Burren.

… We started to climb up to the Burren plateau gently cycling through Cappaghmore through hazel lined lanes. Then at the end of this valley we headed up a steep series of zig-zag inclines climbing the geological time through the limestone terraces up to the Penitential Station at Fahee North, the station being part of the pilgrimage to the nearby St Colmcille’s Church. Here we stopped for a while, resting and taking in the extensive views down the limestone valleys to Galway Bay and beyond. We pressed on as we had a rendezvous with the Clan historian Edward O’Loghlen at Cassidy’s Bar in Carran…

Read on and see more photographs in Paul’s article attached to the Burren pages, here>>>

Thanks, Paul, for this lovely tale. And as he says at the end:

There is to be a Clan reunion in Ennis in August 2020. So do sign up and I hope some of these places can be enjoyed further by clan members.

— Paul

Cahercomman stone fort and other kinship forts in the area

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5 Responses to Skirting around the Burren

  1. Is there more information available regarding the Clan reunion in Ennis in August 2020


    • BrendO says:

      Edward and Ben will announce details soon;
      Proposed ÓLochlainn reunion, Ennis; August 2020:
      20 / 21 / 22 August 2020 – Thursday, Friday, Saturday.
      Proposed Location; Ennis Hotel (Temple Gate).
      Thursday, 20 August – Evening Reception
      Friday, 21 August – Registration plus Lecture (afternoon onwards)
      Saturday, 22 August – Lectures, Exhibition, Publications…
      Saturday evening – ÓLochlainn Clan meal


  2. Hello Nancy,
    Thank you for your request for further information on the proposed Clan reunion, August 2020.
    Further information on the reunion will be posted, early September 2019 – edward


    • edwardologhlen says:

      Hello Nancy,
      Brendan, our Canberra based website-administrator will update on the reunion schedule, August 2020
      as well as inserting the Blog for October 2019, on his return from European travel c 10th October 2019.


      • edwardologhlen says:

        Further Good News!
        Our international group, Muintir Ui Lochlainn ‘adopted’ a Burren manuscript in 2011, through the services provided by the British Library, London. This Gaelic manuscript (1564-1570) has been loaned temporarily to Galway city museum until 30th January 2020. As this Brehon Law document was compiled by various members of the Burren Daveron family, it will be discussed by Richard Davern during his Blog, November 2019.


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