This area lists articles and publications of interest to Clan members, listed by author in alphabetical order.

Bares, Ben. Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Windows To Our Past: Wisconsin OLoghlins; Milwaukee, USA (2014)

Blair Gibson, D. From Chiefdom to State in Early Ireland, CUP (2012)

Carthy, Hugh. Burren Archaeology, Collins Press (2011)

Cunningham, Bernadette. The Book of Ó Lochlainn/OLoghlen: An Unwanted Wedding Gift?, in Irish Provincial Cultures in The Long Eighteenth Century; R Gillespie and R F Foster (editors – Dublin, 2012) Pages 181-197

Fox, Edward. Leonard, Michael. Ó Gaillimh go Ceann Bóirne:
Introduction to Burrenology. Galway (1978)

Frost, James. History and Topography of The County Clare (1978, 1893)

Genealogical Office, Dublin – Clan Genealogy – 1977 Article
Ack: Catherine Henningsen & Stan OLoughlin, Adelaide, SA

Gleeson, D. F. ‘Discovery of Gold Gorget at Burren, County Clare’ in The Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, Seventh Series, Vol. 4 No. (1) Pages 138-139 (1934)

Henningsen, Catherine. Adelaide, South Australia
— Henningsen: Four publications
— Church Centenary Reunion at Pinnaroo, (1913-2013). See Blog article here> [link to blog post]

Lochnan, Katharine. Toronto, Canada
— A Stitch in Time: The Lochnans of the Ottawa Valley, Milwaukee, USA (2014)
— Corcomroe Abbey ship graffito: a sacred and secular symbol, Published within The Other Clare Vol. 35, 2011:  Corcomroe K Lochnan
John O DonohueJohn O Donohue

Loughnane, Paul.  Liverpool, England
Cycling around ÓLochlainn stones. Go to article on Scribd>; [shows the file embedded in a page of this site, therefore adds a page to the tree; may take a moment to load] or .doc attached here:Cycling around ÓLochlainn stones [WP media attachment; download]

Mac Cruitín, AindriasThe Book of O’Loghlen, 1727, held in the Royal Irish Academy. View description here>. ‘Mac Cruitín draws on a lifetime of experience as a poet, teacher and scribe. The 280-page book consists predominantly of poetry, some items newly composed, some a century or two old by the time of their transcription.’ For a more comprehensive description, see also Cunningham, Bernadette above.

Mac Neill, Máire.  Máire Rua: Lady of Leamaneh; Ballinakella Press (1990)

Molnar, Patricia Doyle, Connecticut, USA.  
My Trip to Clare, 2005.  Attachment here>Trip to Clare PMolnar [WP media att.]

Cover 41804Muintir Uí LochlainnThird International Reunion 2010, Standard Printers, Galway. An excellent compendium of history, profiles, boats, songs and other contributions from around the world for this reunion. Download from Dropbox here>

Ni Dhea, Eilis – September 2005, Lecture presented at the international Clan Reunion of Muintir Lochlainn, Ballyvaughan, County Clare; ‘The O Lochlainns of Burren: Patrons of Gaelic learning within 18th century Clare. Eilis lectures at Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick.

O Conchuir, M F (1928-1998) – Brother OConnor, Ennistymon
Gealadh Baisti (1974), Altoir na Greine (1987), Fothrach Folamh Gan Aird (1989), Eigse Bhradach (1990), O Bhaile go Baile (1993), Anam ag Rince (1994), Una Bhan (1994), A Short History of the O Lochlainn Clan (1995), O Conor Corcomroe; Bilingual History (1996), Lamhleabhar Seanfhocal; Gaelic Proverbs Handbook (1996), Cuisne Fomhair (1998).
See People in Ireland, UK and EU for details of Brother OConnor’s life

OConnor, Jim (1930 – 2010), Australia
A Footprint (1995), Preliminary research into Jim’s four ancestral lines
The OLoughlins (1997)
Cemetery Research for OLoughlin in County Clare (1998)
Australia’s Mother; Ireland (1999)
The Lynchs’ – Date Not Available
The Family of Tom Lloyd – Date Not Available

Jim was a son of Thomas OConnor and Vera OLoghlen. He resided at Port Macquarie and Tungamah, Victoria, Australia and he completed valuable, primary Clan research, during his visit to County Clare in 1998, which has been archived.

Ó Corrain, Donnchadh. ‘The Families of Corcomroe’, North Munster Antiquarian Journal Vol. 17 Pages 21–30, 1975

Colm Ó Loughlin; image Dictionary of Irish Biography

Colm Ó Loughlin; image Dictionary of Irish Biography

Ó Lochlainn, Colm. (1892-1972), Dublin. Colm wrote several books, published by his own company, The Three Candles Press.
His most famous book is Irish Street Ballads which contains ballads selected from the many broadsheet ballads he had collected. Irish Street Ballads (1939 and 1965), is also famous for the various Irish-themed woodcuts, which became Colm’s trademark
Anglo Irish Song-Writers Since Moore (1950)
UCD Library Special Collections, holds the Ó Lochlainn Book Collection containing:
Early Irish printings and bindings of 19th and 20th century texts.

  • The books relate to the subjects of Anglo Irish literature, Irish language, folklore, ballads and Irish history.
  • The collection also contains broadside ballad sheets, songbooks and devotional literature. Many of the broadside ballad sheets have been digitized and are available on the UCD Digital Library website.
  • Special Collections, UCD Library purchased Ó Lochlainn’s manuscripts, letters, ballad broadsheets as well as his book collection in 1963.

See People in Ireland, UK and EU for details of Colm’s life.

Ó Lochlainn, Gearóid. (1884-1970) Liverpool, Denmark, Dublin
Gearóid grew up in Liverpool, England and performed a variety of roles: Actor, Linguist and Playwright. He was one of the founders of The Gate Theatre, Dublin and wrote a number of Gaelic titles from 1923-1966; Ealáín na hAmharclainne – The Art of The Theatre (1966), Radhairc as drámaí Shakespeare (1965), An Balbhán Bréige (1954), Namhaid don Phobail (1947), Na Fearchoin (1946), An tÉirí Amach (1944), Na Gaduithe (1935), Bean an Mhilliúnaí (1923)
See People in Ireland, UK and EU for details of Gearoid’s life –

OLoghlen, EdwardCeltic Crosses. A short article on this Irish symbol in both Canada and Ireland, provided by Edward  [media attachment in WP; download to view.]

O’Loghlen, Edward, and O’Loghlen, Michael QC.  A Tale of Adversity and Survival: Manuscripts touching Gragan’s castle. Published in The Other Clare, Vol. 41, August 2017. Download A Tale of Adversity

O’Loghlin, James. Sydney, Australia:
— The Adventures of Sir Roderick the not-very-Brave
—  Daisy Malone and the Blue glowing stone, Macmillan Australia 2015 (web-site>)

O’Loghlin, Libby. Zürich, Switzerland:
— Charlotte Aimes: the great alpine adventure, 2014.

O’Loughlin, AnnThe Ballroom Café (2015), Black and White Publishing (web-site>)

O’Loughlin, Ed. All You Can Eat (2013), Toploader (2012), Not Untrue and Not Unkind (2010) –

O’Loughlin, Joe (download, Publications Joe O)
— An article providing background on the Belleek O’Loughlins; The Ancient History of the O’Loughlins
As well as compiling various historical books, Joe’s family had a cycle and petrol shop on the main street of Belleek, County Fermanagh for many decades. An article on this family-shop appeared within Ulster Folklife in 1998
— Cunningham and OLoughlin; OLoughlin’s Cycle Shop, Belleek, Co. Fermanagh and the Coming of the Bicycle; Ulster Folklife Vol.44 1998 Pages 94-99

O’Loughlin, John J (1952 – )
John J has been a prolific writer through the years. He was brought up in Salthill, Galway and lives in England at present. A selection of his publications from 2014-15 shows how prolific his output has become:
Apotheosis of The Gnosis (2014), Maximum Omega (2014), Omeganotes (2014), Revelations (2014), Revolutions (2014), A Perfect Resolution (2015), The Classless Solution (2015), Judgemental Afterthoughts (2015), Father Omega’s Last Testament (2015), Revaluations and Transvaluations (2015)

OLoughlin, Kevin. An article My Priestly Life, by Fr. Kevin O’Loughlin; may be of particular interest to Clan in South Australia. Fr. Kevin and his brother, Paul attended the 1995 international Clan reunion. Download article My Priestly Life

OLoughlin, Larry. Rosenallis Parish; County Laois (1999)

OLoughlin, Maura. Lore of Sea and Shore: Ballaghline to Liscannor 1860-1930; University of Limerick, MA thesis (2012)

Peader. Image by Gradam Saoil,

OLoughlin, Peadar. (1929 – 2017) resided in the parish of Kilmaley. He received a special award in 2005 from the Irish language TV station, TG4 – Gradam Saoil (Lifelong Achievement Award in recognition of his many quality contributions to Irish traditional music).

  1. Mick O’Connor, Micheal Falsey and Peadar O’Loughlin / Tony Kearns in Images
  2. Joanie Madden and Peadar O’Loughlin / Tony Kearns in Images
  3. Peadar O’Loughlin,  Gradam Saoil 2005 / TG4 photographer in Images
  4. Peadar O’Loughlin and others / Orla Henihan in Images
  5. Joe Ryan and others / Orla Henihan in Images
  6. Joe Ryan and Peadar O’Loughlin / Orla Henihan in Images

See People in Ireland, UK and EU for Paddy Murphy’s profile of Peadar OLoughlin

OLoughlin, Stanley. Adelaide, South Australia
— “O’Loughlin – Cornelius and Ann”, Adelaide (1977)
— Anchor Under The Southern Cross, Adelaide (1997)

O’Loughlin, Prof. Thomas. Nottingham, England
— St Patrick: The Legend and the Bishop. View the illustrated article online at History Ireland, 2006. [link to external site]

O’Loughlin (Thomas): Adomnán: A Man of Many Parts. In Adomnán at Birr, AD 697 (2001), pp. 41–51. [ PDF Format ]

— List of Publications:
— ‘Footwashing’

From a damp floor to a new vision‘. Some time ago the Pope made headlines by washing the feet of some women and some Muslims. Many people thought this was a great idea – but were not quite sure why – while many conservative Catholics were shocked and implied that he had done something without parallel!  I tried to bring some background – and some old-fashioned historical theology – to the debate in an article I published in the leading English language journal on liturgy, known as WORSHIP, just before Easter. The article has generated quite a stir. So I thought that you, as fellow members of the Ui Lochlainn clan, might like to read it> O’Loughlin T Footwashing

White, Patrick. History of Clare and The Dalcassian Clans of Tipperary, Limerick and Galway. Dublin (1893)

Woulfe, Patrick Rev. (taken from Irish Names and Surnames) 1923
Ó LOCHLAINN—IIO Loghlan, O Laghlan, O’Loughlan, O’Loughlin, O’Loghlen, Loghlin, Loughlan, Loughlen, Loughlin, Laughlin, &c.; ‘descendant of Lochlainn’; the name (1) of a leading family of Cinel Eoghain, more commonly called Mac Lochlainn, which see; and (2) of an ancient and distinguished family in County Clare, who took their name from Lochlainn, Lord of Corcomroe, in the 10th century. The O’Loghlins and O’Connors originally formed one clan, and ruled over a district co-extensive with the diocese of Kilfenora. This district, which was called Corcomroe from the clan-name of its inhabitants, the Corca Modhruaidh, was afterwards divided into two nearly equal parts between the two families, O’Loghlen ruling over East Corcomroe, which was also called Burren, and O’Connor over West Corcomroe. The O’Loghlens were a powerful family, and retained their rank as Lords of Burren down to the reign of Elizabeth. They are still numerous and respectable in Thomond.

Sassoon, Rosemary. Keeping Chronicles, London (2010)
Keeping chronicles : preserving history through written memorabilia.
A glance at the Contents-Page of this 2010 publication, provides a glimpse towards the variety of items, which may support the telling of our family-stories:

Contents Page (Keeping Chronicles) 2010:

  • ch. 1 Why collect?
  • ch. 2 Diaries
  • ch. 3 Letters
  • ch. 4 Postcards and even envelopes
  • ch. 5 Memoirs
  • ch. 6 Travel records
  • ch. 7 Business and legal records
  • ch. 8 Day books, commonplace books and albums
  • ch. 9 Professional or personal scrapbooks
  • ch. 10 Schoolbooks, reports etc.
  • ch. 11 Cookery books and household lists.

Various Authors:
— Booklet for International Clan Gathering 2005
— Booklet for International Clan Gathering 2010 2010 Reunion book

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