This is a project of but a few members of a wide-spread and disparate Clan which collectively enjoys a great tradition and immense goodwill. It cannot claim to represent the views of all but will hopefully extend the knowledge and awareness of those associated with the clan around the world.

The aim of the web-site is:

To provide for members of the OLochlainn clan and others an accessible web-site that will facilitate the sharing of narrative and historical information, records, research, publications and other documentation of general relevance to the Clan as a whole or to its main continental branches.

Having no official basis, the web-site represents views of individual authors who, while exerting best endeavours and good-will, accept no responsibility for perfect accuracy or consequence.

Keep in mind it is a public site. Anyone can follow. Exercise normal internet prudence. Comments may be moderated.


These pages show a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA icon and declaration. The authors have attempted to observe all copyright conventions, including attribution, and have not knowingly used material to which access has not been granted. Please advise any apparent contraventions.


With thanks to: Ben Bares, Catherine Barclay, Eugene Beaulieu, Catherine Henningsen, Katharine Lochnan, Edward OLoghlen, Jane OLoughlin, Daniel OLaughlin, Brendan O’Loghlin, Brother M. F. ÓConchúir (1928-1998), Etienne Rynne (RIP 2012)

2 Responses to About

  1. “2 brothers stole a cake at a British wedding, and the family had to emigrate to take the heat off of other O’Laughlins around Kilfenora in Clare.”
    Any truth or consistency to this story, among others of a widespread and desperate clan?
    The brothers at least got to Rome, Iowa, USA and built a general store where a county road crossed the railroad.


    • BrendO says:

      Thanks for your comment and interest, Joseph. No idea as to the truth of the rumour but interesting to hear of their tale. Send any further history of the family to US editor Ben Bares or me for the People in USA page.


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