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More about Brehon Law

Richard Davern of Limerick told a nice tale in 2019 about Egerton 88, the so-called Donal’s Book, which was first introduced here in the Clan History page. Last weekend, at NUI Galway a symposium was held to explore the context … Continue reading

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The Easter rising

The Easter Rising in 1916 was a precursor to the conflict that led to the separation of the Republic of Ireland from the United Kingdom in December 1921. The note below from the Clare Library archives: Republicans interned in Mountjoy and … Continue reading

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Your humble Hon. Webmaster has an abiding interest in old manuscripts, when people wrote letters and books in beautiful script, before Gutenberg did his thing in the middle of the 15th century.  (I am reasonably tech-savvy but still appreciate the days and … Continue reading

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Famine records launched

The Digital Irish Famine Archive is launched at the National University of Ireland at Galway. By Matthew Skwiat, contributing editor Thanks to: UTV Ireland and NUI Galway http://www.faminearchive.nuigalway.ie An exciting new archive for a little known area of Irish Famine research … Continue reading

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Irish roots?

Why Irish online genealogy is so peculiar an article by John Grenham in The Irish Times, March 16, 2015 Researchers accustomed to the way online genealogy works elsewhere in the English-speaking world find the Irish situation strange. Elsewhere, records have usually been digitised by … Continue reading

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Clan authors in the news

Young and old are the beneficiaries of some acclaimed new novels by clan members around the globe. We cannot pretend to know of all such offerings but three excellent new titles have been added to the Publications page: Ann O’Loughlin, The Ballroom … Continue reading

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Galway Bay, song and map

Galway Bay is a significant feature on Ireland’s west coast. It has featured not only on many interesting maps but also in song. Song It was made famous as a song when recorded by the late Bing Crosby during the … Continue reading

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Mary’s a grand old name

For it is Mary, Mary plain as any name can be But with propriety, society will say ‘Marie’ But it was Mary, Mary long before the fashions came And there is something there that sounds so square It’s a grand … Continue reading

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300 Years of Catholic Parish Registers Go Online

 Wednesday 08 July 2015 The records cover the entire island of Ireland and can be accessed free of charge online from 1pm today Almost 300 years of Catholic parish registers, containing information on births and marriages, held by the National … Continue reading

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The West’s Awake

A recent addition to the Song and Dance section recalls a stirring rendition by Cathal ÓLoghlen of a nationalistic song,  The west’s awake. His hand-written note and signature are both included on the front cover of a book of ballads, given to the webmaster … Continue reading

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