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ClaremapWelcome to the ÓLochlainn clan web-pages. Here you will find information on the clan, which originated centuries ago in and around what is now County Clare in the region of the wild Atlantic coasts of Ireland, and in particular the rocky but beautiful lands called The Burren located to the south of Galway Bay.

Many of our forebears chose to seek wider horizons and new opportunities by migrating to other parts of the world. These journeys were often taken during times of hardship at home, such as the 19th century. Now living and creating their own stories in many countries, families will have varying degrees of awareness, contact and identification with the Clan and its history.

Over the years, our forebears, under many variations of the family name such as OLoughlin, O’Loghlen, Lochnan, Loughnane, O’Loghlin, Lochlen and a host of other names from distaff sides, have kept in touch with individuals and families from time to time, according to their situations. We aim to assist these interactions and friendships.

Cliffs of Moher, Co. CLare. Imgae: Wikimedia commons

Cliffs of Moher, Co. CLare. Image: Wikimedia commons

Reunions have helped unify the Clan, within Ireland and other countries.

Clan events in Milwaukee, Ontario and Mildura in 2014 were precursors to the 20th anniversary in 2015 of a major international group rejoicing in our heritage that gathered at Ballyvaughan, County Clare, in 1995.

Handbooks published for two recent reunions may be downloaded here:

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Image: Wikimedia.org

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