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My ancestor, Simon Loughnane, emigrated from the vicinity of Clonmel in S. Tipperary, to Upper Canada in 1834 where he settled in March (now part of Ottawa). With the help of Edward O Loghlen, Bruce Elliott (Carleton University, Ottawa, and my cousins, I was able to piece together the family story. Edward edited and published it in a pamphlet entitled "Stitches in Time: The Lochnan Family of the Ottawa Valley." (Galway City, 2010). This journey of discovery not only enabled me to establish my identity, it changed my life.

Colman’s Burren hermitage

By Katharine Lochnan, the second of three essays on the role of deserts; presenting options to nurture silence. If you missed her first missive, read it here> 

St. Colman mac Duagh (6th-7th c. CE) was said to be the son … Continue reading

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From Petra to Petra Fertilis

This is the first of series of articles by Professor Katharine Lochnan, University of Toronto. What is a desert? We think of it as a sandy, arid, inhospitable, place where camels are the mode of transportation, and oases essential for … Continue reading

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