Adelaide reunions; 1977-2007:

Continuing our series of reflections on previous regional reunions in this year of the forthcoming gathering in Ireland, August 2020, we turn to Adelaide, Australia, and to an active branch of the family descending from Cornelius OLoughlin.

Note: Another Cornelius O’Loghlin lived in Adelaide but he was descended from  James, who emigrated in 1840, thus establishing another Adelaide branch with that different spelling,

The OLoughlins’ of Adelaide began their reunions in the year 1977. The anniversary of their first reunion was celebrated at Catherine Henningsen’s home on Saturday 17th March 2007 with a Cousins’ reunion. Those celebrations continued through to the following day, when one hundred and forty Clan members assembled at Plympton Hall, Adelaide, south Australia.

The Adelaide group have excelled, through providing a large number of publications from 1997 onwards. Stanley OLoughlin produced Anchor Under The Southern Cross, recording the arrival of two county Clare citizens; Ann Barry (Kilkee) and Cornelius OLoughlin (Ennistymon) would later marry, leading to the development of this Adelaide group.

After Stanley’s work of 1997, Catherine Henningsen, Findon, Adelaide went on to produce four publications;

(1) Frances and Laurence OLoughlin, 2004:
The son of Cornelius and Ann Barry, Laurence OLoughlin and his wife; Frances Morris. Their subsequent children, were each recorded through their grandchild, Catherine Henningsen.

(2) Reunions Galore, 2007:
During March 2007 Catherine profiled various Clan reunions of 1977 (Adelaide), 1995 (Clare), 2005 (Clare) as well as recalling the story of four Ennistymon brothers; Austin, John, Michael, and Thomas OLoughlin who arrived to the Dunnstown area of the state of Victoria, Australia between 1854 and 1857.

(3) A Trip to Ireland, 1913:
During May 2013, the centenary visit of Frances and Laurence OLoughlin to Dublin and Ennistymon was re-enacted by pupils from the local Ennistymon school, Scoil Mhainchín with OLoughlins’ from Adelaide (South Australia) and Mildura (Victoria) as well as county Clare in attendance. Catherine produced A Trip to Ireland, 1913 to capture the stories surrounding that centenary visit, based on the Diaries of Archie Peake who travelled to Ireland with Frances and Laurence in 1913.

(4) A Trip to Ireland, 2013:
The Australian visitors were very impressed with the dramatic stage presentations of the Ennistymon school teenagers. In particular, they appreciated the story of the Dublin newsboy, Patsy Keane who requested that Senator Laurence OLoughlin should bring him to South Australia on his return journey, eventually receiving permission for that long journey, from his Dublin mother in May 1913.

Catherine’s research in Adelaide archives brought the story of Patsy Keane and his wife, Sarah Kemp back to life. Patsy, on moving to Australia in 1913, worked on the OLoughlin farm at Pinnaroo, South Australia before participating as an Australian soldier during WW 1 in France. Then, later retiring to Australia in 1917 after visits to London hospitals, where he received his army discharge papers. Patsy and Sarah both retired to Mildura, Victoria where they resided until their deaths in 1976 and 1978, as the Adelaide OLoughlins’ were preparing to host their first reunion in 1977.

Catherine and her many cousins grew up at Pinnaroo; see blog Pinnaroo church (June 2015). As school kids, their tasks included weeding those flower-beds about Pinnaroo church.

The Adelaide reunions were planned by various Clan members, including:
Margaret Billing, Anne Roberts, Catherine Henningsen, Frances OLoughlin, Stanley OLoughlin; celebrating the arrival of Cornelius OLoughlin and Ann Barry to South Australia, where the OLoughlin anchor was firmly established beneath the umbrella of The Southern Cross; as recalled by Stanley OLoughlin.

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Provide periodic newsletters for the international Clan, Muintir Uí Lochlainn and have a particular interest in ensuring our various members have an opportunity to record their emigration-stories, through the printed word.
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4 Responses to Adelaide reunions; 1977-2007:

  1. Jennifer Triptow says:

    I love hearing about this branch of the O’Loughlin family. I am in the states, and I have reached out to and emailed with both Stanley and Catherine. My O’Loughlin line is most definitely from the same family – with a DNA match to one of their cousins aligning the theory. Unfortunately my research is at a standstill until and unless I can get to Ireland myself. One day I will do so! Until then, they are my long-lost cousins in theory only.


    • edwardologhlen says:

      Hello Jennifer,
      Good to hear about your Link to the Adelaide group, and that you have been in contact with both Catherine and Stanley.
      Their special gift to Clan members such as yourself; that they took the time to record their family stories, through a number of booklets, particularly since 1997, when Stanley produced – Anchor Under the Southern Cross. From memory, their branch had a cousin, possibly a Mr/Dr. Fitzsimons? who resided within the USA. Catherine and Stanley could provide you with further clarity on this US resident.
      This ‘Adelaide’ blog may encourage you to continue with your efforts, towards recording your story; creating a further Link with those cousins who reside under The Southern Cross.


    • BrendO says:

      Thank you for your note, and for your interest in this wide-spread family.


      • edwardologhlen says:

        Jennifer, Bob Fitzsimons was the name of that man from the USA, who was linked to the Adelaide branch.
        Catherine in Adelaide confirmed his name.


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