More about Brehon Law

Law and Grammatical Miscellany, by Domhnall O Duibhdabhoirenn, 1564. Image British Library, MS Egerton 88

Richard Davern of Limerick told a nice tale in 2019 about Egerton 88, the so-called Donal’s Book, which was first introduced here in the Clan History page.

Last weekend, at NUI Galway a symposium was held to explore the context for that 16th century Manuscript. Elizabeth FitzPatrick, Archaeology, NUI Galway assembled a unique set of scholars to provide a variety of glimpses on the world of Domhnall ODaveron (Burren) and his scribes. Elizabeth also provided one of the lectures to the ÓLochlainn reunion of 2010.

Acquiring the Egerton 88 Manuscript on short-term loan from The British Library, to permit this Galway symposium, was a wonderful achievement by Elizabeth and her keen band of supporters.

Further information on these Brehon Law manuscripts may be gleaned through the blog produced by Bernadette Cunningham, Deputy Librarian, Royal Irish Academy, Dublin who was one of the presenters at the Galway school, January 2020. Read more here>

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