A snippet from the Great Ólochlainn Clan Gathering of 1995

To wet your whistles for the 2020 reunion in August, here is a nice tale from Peter O’Loghlin in Brisbane, Australia.

From all corners of the globe they gathered: ÓLochlainns, O’Loughlans, O’Loghlens, O’Lachlans, Loughlans, Lachlans and more. Some of those from the more remote corners had never met a genuine Irish clan member before, and weren’t even sure where they fitted in, but it was fun to get together anyway.

Brian, Mary, Peter and Brendan arrived from Australia, hired a car in Dublin and drove across the country. As they arrived at the Ballyvaughan Hotel and started to get out the luggage there was a gentleman in the next car space, also getting out his luggage.

“Ye be here for the Clan Gathering, d’ye?”, he asked. “And where do you fit into the clan?”

The late Brian O’Loghlin at the ruined cottage at Cahercloggane, Lisdoonvarna from which James and Susan emigrated to Adelaide in 1840

He had us there. All we knew was that Brian’s grandfather, James O’Loghlin, had arrived in Adelaide from County Clare with his wife Susan, in 1840. We had our complete family tree from there down, but nothing earlier.

“Ah, to be sure!” replied our new neighbour, reaching into his inside jacket pocket and pulling out a large folded sheet of paper.

To our amazement it was his family tree, going right back to the great Lochlainn (b. 983) himself, and extending down to the present generation.

Except for one branch, which stopped in 1840: “James O’Loghlin, m. Susan Kennedy. Went to Australia, 1840”.

We quickly exchanged photocopies, and suddenly we knew exactly where we fitted into the clan.

— Peter O’Loghlin

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