The Gate at 90!

The Gate Theatre, Dublin (1928)

Gearoid OLochlainn (1884-1970)The Gate was founded nine decades ago in the autumn of 1928. Gearóid ÓLochlainn, an accomplished playwright was a co-founder of this theatre, together with Hilton Edwards, Mícheál Mac Liammóir and Máire Ní Oisín.

One of the Gate’s first productions was Heinrik Ibsen’s – Peer Gynt. Gearóid ÓLochlainn performed three different roles during the sequence of Peer Gynt.

The Abbey and The Gate:

A single comment on the two best known Dublin theatres. The more famous of the two – The Abbey theatre, founded by W B Yeats and Lady Gregory in 1904 was viewed as presenting Ireland to the outside world, while The Gate was seen as presenting Ireland to the Irish themselves.

One of the many distinctive episodes associated with The Gate theatre developed, when a young Orson Welles became part of The Gate acting group for a short period, following his travels through the west of Ireland on a donkey and cart, in search of a more authentic pattern for his future life. The Gate group later travelled as far as Cairo, to present one of their productions to an assembled Egyptian audience. Thomas Pakenham (Lord Longford) became an important supporter of The Gate, when financial assistance was a necessary requirement, ‘to keep the show on the road’.

Note from 1938:

Ten years on from 1928, The Commission of Inquiry into Banking, Currency and Credit, 1938 was published by P J OLoghlen (Peadar/Peter), with further contributions by Bulmer Hobson and Berthon Waters. Copies of the Commission report are available through the National Library, Dublin

John Daly, Irish Independent, Dublin

John Bowman, RTE, Donnybrook, Dublin

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Provide periodic newsletters for the international Clan, Muintir Uí Lochlainn and have a particular interest in ensuring our various members have an opportunity to record their emigration-stories, through the printed word.
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