Season’s greetings

Cliffs of Moher in mistYour regional editors wish readers a very happy and blessed Christmas holiday and New Year 2017.

Times are sometimes uncertain and turbulent, like the wild Atlantic weather sweeping over the Cliffs of Moher and the outcrops of the Burren. Politics, trade, terrorism, isolationism, conflict — and so it goes on.

But we have much for which we can be thankful, including family, friends and our rich and noble shared heritage. If you have had a challenging year, take comfort in the joy of Christmas. Just as Clan members looked, and sometimes moved, across the seas during the tough times of the 1840s, be assured there is always promise and hope in the year to come.

May the road rise to meet you …


If there have not been enough posts on this blog for your liking, it is because you, dear Clan members, have not put pen to paper. We are not trying to be like Facebook, full of personal (dare we suggest trivial?) daily updates: we welcome good stories, historical snippets or family tales of general interest. Send a paragraph or two, preferably with a photo, to your regional editor, listed on the Home page >>

If you don’t know how to mail them, use the contact page to ask. As a last resort, send your contribution direct to the Administrator at clanolochlainn[at]

Merry Christmas to all,

Brendan, Edward and Regional Editors

About BrendO

Musician in Canberra Australia
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