The woman of Ballybur


Ballybur Castle, Kilkenny. Image: Patrick Comerford

From Patrick Comerford:

“For generations, Ballybur Castle near Cuffesgrange, was the principal seat of the Comerford family in Co Kilkenny. This castle, which stands to the east of the road between Kilkenny City and Callan, was lost by my branch of the Comerford family during the Cromwellian confiscations in the 17th century, and despite many efforts was never recovered by the family.

Ballybur Castle passed to the Mansergh family, and later passed through the hands of other families, including the St George, Delhunty, Deignan and Murphy families, and it was bought from the Marnell family in 1970s by Frank and Aifric Grey. The Grey family have restored the castle with careful attention to detail, and I have been welcomed there on countless visits in recent years.

Today Ballybur Castle is also a popular venue for wedding receptions. But recently I came across the story of a wedding connected with Ballybur Castle and the story of a young woman from Ballybur Castle who became a countess and the wife of a wealthy gold-mining magnate and philanthropist in Australia, Count Thomas James O’Loughlin (1866-1929) … “

For more information, please read on (leave this site). See also our entries on Count Thomas in this post and the People pages.ballybur-wedding

Thanks to Patrick, and to our Irish Editor and Energiser Edward.

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