Happy St Patrick’s Day

IMG_1739Your editorial team wish all readers a delightful and happy St Patrick’s Day.

There will be the wearing of the green in every corner of the world where an Irish heritage, culture or connection is savoured and celebrated — I guess that’s every corner of the world!

We are indebted to our North American editor for this quite delightful photograph of a young Clan member getting into the garb and the spirit.

Madeline is daughter to Erin and Ben Bares, Madison, Wisconsin, USA. Ben wrote, back in February 2016:

This weekend we look forward to Madeline’s debut with the Trinity Irish Dance Company. She and her beginner classmates will open the show for the professional dance troop, which will hopefully be a thrill for her. Erin and I on the other hand, need to perfect our skills getting her into the ‘Irish’ dance-costume!

Edward writes:

Wishing all an enjoyable celebration on Patrick’s Day from Galway. Daffodils are out blooming over here, and we have had some fine days this week, to look after all those marchers, from Dublin to New York and Sydney.

So we wish Madeline, the young and the old, the dressers and the dancers, descendants and Clan adherents around the world a great day.

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