The Easter rising

The Easter Rising in 1916 was a precursor to the conflict that led to the separation of the Republic of Ireland from the United Kingdom in December 1921. The note below from the Clare Library archives:

Republicans interned in Mountjoy and Dundalk Prisons in 1917 signed this autograph book.republican_autograph_book11_large

The prisoners were arrested under the Defence of the Realms Act under which a person could be imprisoned for flying a tricolour or drilling in a military manner. It contains the names of Republicans from Clare and elsewhere.

This entry was made by Peadar O Lochlainn, 6th Battalion, Clare Brigade, IRA, dated 20/1917. He was serving a two-year sentence with nine months remitted.

Edward comments:

Next year is the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising, when similar archival material will come to the surface.

Thanks to the Clare Library. Ref: 2005.185.11

Mountjoy Prison

The War of Independence: Memoirs of Andrew O’Donoghue, Ex Commander, 5th Batallion, Mid-Clare Brigade

Defence of the Realm Act

Irish Free State Army

The Photograph of Col Commandant Peadar O’Lochlainn

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