Your humble Hon. Webmaster has an abiding interest in old manuscripts, when people wrote letters and books in beautiful script, before Gutenberg did his thing in the middle of the 15th century.  (I am reasonably tech-savvy but still appreciate the days and ways before the buzz of instant internet and multi-media chatter.)

Do have a look at the Gaelic manuscript known as Egerton 88 compiled during the 1560’s and featured on the Clan History page.

'Et factum est' from the Chad Gospels; image Wikicommons

‘Et factum est’ from the Chad Gospels; image Wiki-Commons

Even earlier, a common script widely used in the 7th and 8th centuries was the Insular script which, according to Wikipedia:

…was a medieval script system originally used in Ireland that spread, by way of Anglo-Saxon England, to continental Europe under the influence of Irish Christianity.

How delightful that Cillian O’Hagan, who worked at the British Library till recently, has sent images from a more recent manuscript, the Book of OLochlainn held at The Royal Irish Academy, Dublin:

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