Pinnaroo Church 1913 – 2013

By: Catherine Henningsen, Adelaide, South Australia


I am a granddaughter of Frances and Laurence OLoughlin who settled in Pinnaroo, South Australia with their family from 1906 onwards. Laurence was a son of Cornelius OLoughlin and Ann Barry, who both emigrated from county Clare, through the port of Queenstown (Cobh), County Cork.

From 1906 until the building of the church at Pinnaroo in 1913, the local community bonded together and money was raised to build a wood and iron building. However Frances OLoughlin was unhappy about a building, consisting of wood and iron, and she set about finding the extra two hundred pounds, which permitted a stone structure to be opened on 9th February 1913.

On Sunday 17th February 2013 many of my relatives and friends gathered at Pinnaroo, to celebrate the centenary of the Church of Our Lady of Good Counsel. Mass was celebrated by the local bishop, which was followed by a luncheon where many photos were taken. A souvenir booklet was also prepared to commemorate this centenary.

During my school years at Pinnaroo, us students were required to weed the flower-beds which can be seen within the image of Pinnaroo church, supplied through the Salman series of photographs which were commissioned by the local pharmacist, Mr. Salman.

Forty seven years had passed since my husband, Bob and I left Pinnaroo, with our two children.

However, some had been away for much longer. John Miller, his sister Gay, his daughter Janine and her husband, Terry all attended the centenary celebrations. John Miller was born in Pinnaroo and his mother, Lily Vaughan together with my father, Charles OLoughlin both attended the opening of Pinnaroo church on 9th February 1913.

It was seventy-six years since John Miller had visited Pinnaroo church.

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