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Regional editors are being appointed to the international editorial team and will soon be coming to a screen near you.

Editors are your representatives with web-site access to upload and update all pages and posts.

Editors’ user names appear at the right-hand sidebar of the pages. That does not tell you who your regional editors are, so here is a list.

Initially, the international editorial panel is made up of:

  • Ireland: Edward Ologhlen
  • USA: Ben Bares, Jane O’Loughlin, Dan O’Laughlin and Nancy O’Laughlin
  • Canada: Katharine Lochnan
  • Australia: Catherine Henningsen, Phonse Liddle, Brendan O’Loghlin

Keep up to date. Follow the blog using the field at right.

Contribute, such as text or photos for pages. Please email material or drafts to your regional editors.  Contact them direct, or through the Contact page (We don’t publish email addresses on this web to limit spam.)

[Note: Similar text has been added to the Home page. – Administrator]

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Musician in Canberra Australia
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